Apartments are usually in smaller spaces so neighabors have issues with eachother

The basics of apartment living
The basics of apartment living

Dealing with apartment neighabors

Whether you own or rent an apartment, you most probably have neighbors living in the same apartment building as you do. Neighbors can be a big help, by looking after your apartment when you’re in a trip, checking your mail, or even saving you from a fire. However, neighbors frequently become sources of problems to apartment dwellers. Here are the important points to remember when interacting with apartment neighbors.
How to Deal With a Bad Neighbor ? if you live in an apartment building with neighbors, sooner or later, one of your neighbors will do something that annoys you or do what you think is wrong. If it’s bad enough or is persistent and goes for a long time, you would want to do something to make the neighbor stop his/her offensive action. Instead of letting your anger get the best of you and fly into a rage, you should remain calm and exercise good judgment and complain to the neighbor quietly, to make him stop his offensive action.
Approach Neighbors About Problems Effectively ? when confronting your neighbor to complain about his/her offensive action, you should remain calm and composed, and avoid feelings of anger. If you approach your neighbor with respect, there is a better chance that he/she will listen to your complaint, and take action against it.
Practice Neighbor-Friendly Entertaining ? if you’re planning to hold a party or other event at your apartment, you should also invite your neighbors. By doing so, you can improve your relationships with your neighbors.
Asking Your Neighbor to Collect Your Mail ? you can ask your neighbor to collect your mail when you are out of town for business or pleasure, and ask him to give you all the mail that he collected, after you return. Be sure to pick a reliable and trustworthy neighbor, to make sure he doesn’t steal any of your mail by not giving it to you after you return from your trip.
As I said in the start of this article ? a neighbor can be a double-edged sword, meaning there are advantages and disadvantages when living with apartment neighbors. Be sure to maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages, in order to make your stay in your apartment a pleasant and stress-free experience.

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