There are many types of apartments, it can be very hard to decide which one is best for you

The basics of apartment living
The basics of apartment living

Deciding Which Apartment Floor Is Best For You

If you plan to live in an apartment building with several floors, you will have to decide which floor to live in. Selecting the floor you would want to live in is a personal choice, but the undermentioned factors should be considered:
View ? one major reason tenants choose higher floors is because of the better view. However, the rent for apartments located on top floors is more expensive then the rent for apartments in the ground floor or lower floors. If the view is important to you, and you have the money, you can select an apartment in the higher floor.
Money ? the cost of the rent is higher in apartments located in the higher floors than those located in the lower floors. You should take the cost into consideration when selecting which floor to live in.
Noise ? some tenants prefer high floors to avoid traffic and other street noise. If you think a ground floor apartment or lower floor apartment is noisy, you should consider looking for an apartment in a higher floor.
Access ? if you live in a higher floor, you would have to wait several minutes for the elevator to come to your floor. If this bothers you, you should consider living on the ground floor, so you wouldn’t have to use the elevator, or a lower floor, so you can take the stairs.
Security ? there is an increased crime risk when living on the ground floor or basement floor due to its accessibility to burglars. If you don’t feel safe living in a ground-floor or basement apartment, you shouldn’t look at vacancies on those floors.
Evacuation ? sometimes, a fire, flood, bomb threat, or other emergency requires authorities to order everyone out of an apartment building. People who live on the higher floors have a longer, more difficult evacuation, and damage to a building could make it difficult to leave from a high floor. If the thought of evacuating quickly from a high floor makes you anxious, then you should consider this factor.
This is a partial list of the important factors that you have to consider when deciding which apartment floor to live in. We recommend that you show this to all the other members of your family so that you can have their feedback when deciding which apartment floor to live in.

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